Tuesday, November 1, 2016

50% More Prims on Mainland...yes 22,500

Mainland sims got a 50% increase. More info coming Nov 3rd I heard. I can confirm my little 512 went from 117 to 175 so it is not a rumor. Also Linden Homes went to 175 prims.

Someone is already renting 1,406 prims mainland for  891 a week!

So what this means is anybody's guess. I hope its not like raising the minimum wage.

If shopkeepers can pay less tier then either they can charge us a lot less for shoes...or they can make more $...maybe enough to stay in business vs leaving....or better yet....induce those who have closed mainland shops in favor of MP-only to rethink having a in-game presence. Who  knows? 

What do you think will happen?

But times they are a changing


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  1. I don't see prices going down as the merchants that I know do not consider prims when buying land; they need space, not so much prims The USD$200-300 per region is almost a negligible expense.

    What I /do/ hope to see happening are residential renters moving /from/ the hundreds of private islands back to the mainland, which has so much open land. This would mean that existing mainland owners would be able to lease their own available lands to individuals/groups, and much of the abandonded lands would be claimed.

    I can also see an increase in premium accounts for residents who want to take advantage of this crazy prim increase /AND/ the fuller SL/LL support offered by having a premium account.

    I should also add here that when paid at the annual rate, and after figuring the cost of the 512sqm "firstland" and the weekly stipend of L$300, that a premium account ends up costing under USD$1 per month. That's right, less than one dollar per month for a 512sqm parcel and better, and more varied, support from the Lindens.