Sunday, May 10, 2015

Time-Out for Torley

Watch the video ==> Torley's life with Asperger syndrome, hyperacusis, bipolar disorder, depression, etc. I came across this video by accident while YouTubing on music-education videos. Torley is a musician and has a video out where he discusses music as it relates to a sound-library. He has over 200 compositions. (This is Torley Linden, btw, in case you were unaware).

The video was shot in 2011 but is timeless and has value in many ways. You don't know someone until you know someone. This is an amazing insightful journey behind the 'happy fellow' who has brought us all those un-mistakenly identifiable, adorable, Second Life tutorials. We have all watched them. They have merit because they are germane to understanding a set of basic skills and advanced skills that serve as a basis for performing dance in SL.

He shares with us very personal information on the 'real Torley'. It is seldom we get to hear such intimate personal, sometimes painful, accounts of a person presented so candidly. If you are like me, you feel a kinship to him because of his open and friendly presentation style, I think you will find his video special.  And he makes a great statement about mental-health.

And I am reminded of the many 'dancers and artists' who are creating, while battling RL illnesses and pain that go unmentioned. I know of a few cancer survivors as well as a few who have fibromyalgia (living with some form of pain 24/7 due to an overactive nervous system).

When it comes to the awareness of peoples personal health struggles,  many espouse 'not wanting anyone's pity'. Yes I get that. Or not being 'treated differently'. I get that too. Just know that there is high percentage of people performing with unmentioned encumbrances.

Since I am able-bodied and in relatively good mental health, although many might disagree, I am blessed with an absence of suffering as I traverse 2nd life. So I must give thanks to good fortune in the matters of health as well as to those near-and-dear to me, although they have crosses they are bearing as well. So a shout-out to those who bare crosses of one type or another.

Oh, and Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers!

and P.S.

If anyone reading this is battling health issues be they physical or mental, or are a primary-care-giver for someone in suffering,  feel free to comment and identify you and your situation. This isn't meant to be a 'pity-party'...its meant more to provide 'context' to our artists  arenas of creativeness.

Not sure if its a cool thing to ask people to do but it might go along ways towards people bonding and healing at a time when 'SL dance drama' is at an all-time high.

   Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft


  1. Applauds your comments and Torley's video. Like many creative people I have battled mental heath problems mostly depression and anxiety all my life, which led me to train as psychotherapist. I also have severe Fibromyalgia, again going all the way back to childhood. I can't dance anymore in RL but creativity will always find an outlet and SL has been a wonderful one for me. 20 years ago I was imagining the possibility of virtual applications of imagery therapies and SL has such great possibilities for healing. We should all try to remember that the people behind the screens are not always as whole or strong as their avatars and that we are all human.

  2. I think everybody has something. I consider our somethings to be character marks of our lives that help make each of us unique. The ailments I deal with have become part of who I am. How I deal with them, how I cope, the people who have come into my life because of them... I consider them a part of my journey. I have a cocktail of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Hypo-Thyroid, Diabetes, and Coeliac Syndrome. Any pain I get is from the medication I am on. More common is exhaustion and needing to sleep a lot. Lack of energy. Sometimes, I simply have to lay down. These all do cause me to feel irritable at times, but calling on my sense of humor is a huge help. And my partner, who takes such loving care of me, and is so patient with me. I try to find something fun to do each day, I love life and really appreciate having a life, even with all the character marks.