Saturday, March 14, 2015


Had a discussion about SL2 and got me to thinking. I was wondering what the people in the dance community have planned for SL2? Its LL's next Second Life platform. A lot of questions and issues have been raised. Its worthy of some back-and forth idea-sharing.  What I've gathered and I will stand correct if you know otherwise. 

Everything will be mesh.

LSL scripting language will not be supported.

You WON'T be able to take your inventory to SL2.

You WILL be able to keep your legacy name.

SL2 will NOT be tied down having to be backward compatible to SL1.

They've said they will keep SL1 around as long as its profitable.

I am betting there will be support for mobile devices.

Based upon the next open talk  to the public scheduled over a few days, most all of the speakers seem to have an invested interest to make SL2 a platform for advancing 'educational needs'. 

I personally think that SL1 main draw is as a social-bonding platform. Outfitting, clubbing, sexing, RPing, building, socializing are the main draws I see.

  1. What do you feel your response and participation effort will be?
  2. How do you see it unfolding? The initial release and viewer response?
  3. Will it kill SL1 ?
  4. Will you move to SL2 for good?
  5. If you do move, will you abandon SL1?
  6. Are you a die-hard SL1er? SL1 or bust?
  7. The smart money seems to be betting on SL2 being a platform for professional content creators. No simple creation tools like in SL1.
  8. Will there be a land-grab with people hoping to become the next Ansche Chung? 
  9. Will we be able to tranfser our $ Lindens? 
  10. Will the primary revenue source be land or some type of bandwidth usage?
  11. Will it be less laggier?
  12. Will animations port or will they have to be remade?
  13. Are you willing to buy another mesh body and all the accessories that go with it?
  14. Will land be more or less expensive in SL2?
  15. Will you try and become involved in SL2 dance shows?
  16. Are you prepared to start all over and buy new animations?
  17. Do you foresee severe price-reduction incentives in order to jump-start SL2?
  18. Will SL2 require a hardware upgrade for many current SL1ers?
  19. Do you foresee changes, advancement in SL sexing, if even allowed in SL2?
  20. What would SL2 HAVE TO DO in order to be successful, in your eyes?
  21. Have you or are you planning to move to a different Virtual World?
  22. Are there any questions or concerns you have that I haven't raised?

Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft


  1. My going to S2 will be determined by one thing: can I take my dance animations? If not, I won't be going. I will NOT buy all new animations. I will stay in S1 until such time that it is deemed no longer profitable, and when they close it, I will have a lot more time to focus on my RL. Works for me. I think it is unbelievable they are not allowing people to take their S1 inventory with them into S2. What a rip.

  2. But that's the rub, isn't it? Of course we all don't want to have to 'rebuy' everything we already own in SL. But if SL2 is a completely different platform, what we currently own likely wouldn't work anyway, even if we could port it over. And what if what's in SL2 is better? What if the new platform allowed for things that you can't do in SL? (I don't know what that would be, but it's certainly a possibility.) I think, at this point, there are so many unknowns, that's it hard to say what people will do. :-D

  3. If I were a betting person, I'd bet that they create irresistible incentives. I think I paying the best creators to create high-qual freebies and then give them away as an we start out looking good as opposed to looking like noobs.

    So that would apply to clothing, hair, shoes, housing, and yes...animations though SL would probably cater more to club dances to target the largest audience.

    I think there would have to be 'stuff' already in SL2 so that when we go there...there is stuff to see and do....i would somehow allow creators advanced access.

  4. Again, I think at this point, everything is speculation. No one (maybe not even LL) knows exactly what SL2 (or whatever it will be called) will be yet. They haven't even set a release date for it, as far as I'm aware, so until it is actually released, it's all just conjecture. :-)

  5. btw ....this is it in the early stages for those interested :

  6. Not able to transfer my 80k+ inv over? ...Sounds like a blessing in disguise... We (i am anyways) always buy new things... Shopping is apart of the adventure and fun.. So, as long as there are new dances,shoes,hair,and clothes to buy, i will check it out!

    1. I find myself in agreement with Di. We can become wiser shoppers and not let out inv get out of hand next time and we'd be lying if we said we didn't like to shop. We all start on an even playing field. And hopefully they will have mesh issues figured out. We are always looking to buy more stuff. Animations may port over or simply be able to run thru some conversion process? Much is still "up in the air" as far as what SL2 will 'be like'.

    2. Di your inventory must be like a black hole o.o

      I am not an active shopper, but all my stuff from 2007 stopped being used by 2009, everything from 2009 stopped being used by 2011. In 2014 the only thing I use from pre 2012 is my dark dog avatar.

      If SL2 lasts 2 years, I imagine most of my stuff from SL1 2015 will be out of date.

  7. I guess I'm just worn out. The thought of starting over is so unappealing and the lure of RL is so comforting... guess we will have to wait and see how things go. I really really really detest shopping, I would have to have Sexy do all my shopping for me. Log me in, go buy what I need, I'll be napping... call me when you get there....

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  9. lolol..dont hold back or anything there honey ..damn lololol. everyone has some thing they do to supplement there rl.. some do ..what ever .. more then others .. watch tv.. play bridge with the neighbors... shriners. .. bowling .. bird watching.. we do sl...resently i been spending alot of time in WoW.. which i took a two year break from and just now found new interest in .. AM radio..mtv.. cd's mp3.. pc's cell phones.. things change.. this is one of them things.. lets check it out.. and just think.. major plus.. yummy has to leave her hair here....o.o ...had to fix some spelling