Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mesh For Dummies 101 - Saving Mesh Alphas

Am I the only one in this class? Must be. Oh here comes one more person. Just you and me? Ok well let me tell you something cool that everyone but you and me knows about. 

So what I learned today was so cool. (DUH. I am the worlds dumbest mesh user. Just recently wrapped my head around "appliers". I am sooo late to the mesh  party)

I bought the official Maitreya mesh body. I was always having to readjust the mesh each time I used it in a new outfit...then I ran across an article that illuminated a life-saver for me.

Admittedly its not for everyone or every occasion. Why its for me is cause once i get an outfit* like i want it...I rarely need to go back and tweak it. If you are a constant tweak-er then this methodology is probably not for you. Also I don't know if this time-saving feature is available on other mesh bodies.

So the trick is that Maitreya has a Kill All Scripts button in the lower right-hand corner of their Alpha HUD. 

So 1st save your Mesh Body. Then work with the saved version. Apply your appliers, clothing, adjust your alphas, etc. Then press Kill All Scripts wearing this copied Maitreya mesh body with the outfit. Now next time you wear this outfit your alphas will be as you saved them.

Lat "Yummy the Dummy" Lovenkraft 
     (the one with the full-bright hair that can't take it to SL2)


  1. Oh thank you Yummy, that is good to know and will be a big help for me, I have that body too. I am also late to the mesh party and still don't like it.

  2. Am gonna use that for next show. YAY!!!

  3. lol @ hair.. might mention to create a copy of the body

    1. will our body metrics be transferrable? Good question. I created this one from scratch with no model so I guess I could rise to the occasion once more,..and emulate my 'inner vision'..took me half a as long as I don't get interesting to see what I would come up with....maybe its time for a new look?
      I do have the metrics saved...but so much of the look is in the skin...more so than the body