Thursday, October 10, 2013

Burlesque for Breasts

The Burlesque for Breasts team sent the following notice:

The Champagne Ladies and the Naughty Box Burlesque Theater are excited to invite you to a special fund-raiser for our favorite cause... boobies!  We will be celebrating with vintage burlesque dancers so come on down and watch these classy dames strut their stuff.

Cancer, especially breast cancer, is one of the most common cancers in the world. Many of us will either know someone who survived or sadly lost their battle with this dreadful disease. Anyone can get it even if it does not run in families, including men. So our message is clear, male or female, check your boobies!

Due to Sim rules as per Linden Lab statement, NO Child AV's are permitted to attend. If you have an adult or animal AV alternative and want to attend this is of course fine.

Can't wait to see you!
~Burlesque for Breasts Team

Date:  October10, 2013
Time:  7:30-9pm SLT

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