Monday, September 16, 2013


Now that we have your attention.....

Naiki (one of the fearless DQ leaders) sent the following notice:

Hi Gang!

We would like to hear about your boobs! Well... More precisely, boob shows!

October is the month many of you paint your theatres pink for breast cancer month, and every year more and more of you run shows for boob cancer. Either to raise cash for charity or just raise awareness. Its a really cool thing you lot do and we really want to hear about your breast cancer shows! We'll give you posts on the blog either for pre show advertising, or photos of your shows (past and present) where you have had all out dancing pinkathons with boobs all inclusive!

Most of all though, beyond money and boob wiggling, we want to remind ourselves that boob cancer sucks, and we should check ourselves reguarly. Kings as well as Queens. We have a few breast cancer survivors in DQ that I have spoken to in previous years, so its quite a 'thing' for us. Y'all know im not very good with words, so heres Winnie talking about her rather unwelcome 40th birthday present :

Good evening everyone.

I'm Winnie, 3.5 years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer for my 40th birthday.

October is breast cancer awareness month in many countries around the world, and since my recovery I have been telling my story so that people know that you probably won't die and that early detection is so very important.

I do not have the BC gene.

I do not have a family history of BC.

I do not eat bacon and hot dogs three squares a day :)

I run, I horseback ride, I eat broccoli.....I even like it!

1 in 8 women in the world has BC.

1 in 5 women in the northeast US has breast cancer.   This is where I live.  I didn't need to go to a support group because 12 women where I worked were survivors....and we only employed about 110 people at the time and almost half of them were men.

So...if you can give to one of the RL charities...great!  If money is an object, there is an app for the breast cancer foundation....they give away free mammograms if you click on their site, and they really do give them away, but they need lots of, click once a day...presto!  FREE! 

Now...let's give the boobies their due!!

 So please send us some advance notice of your breast cancer shows, send us some pictures of previous years shows, make some noise about it, and have a look at the links below.

Cheers gang!

Naiki Muliaina

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