Monday, April 15, 2013

VikkiLynn's Sombrero Hat Machine

VikkiLynn Caproni sent the following notice:

Hello Everyone,

I started thinking about Cinco de Mayo coming up and thought it would be fun to Hat Dance after our performance on May 5 at the Pine Valley Theatre (Broadway ~ Our Way).

So, I made one.  I made it basically for myself, but thought I'd share with friends who could put their own dances into it. 

I put it on Marketplace under my store name "White Rose" and put a Linden amount of $5 L so that those who browse Marketplace for the freebies and dollarbies wouldn't all find it right away.. lol. I wanted to share it with those who have their own dances and know how to add dances to a dance machine etc .... like.. well.. like us! lol

I am not normally a creator of things like this except for things I make for myself, but I thought a few of you might appreciate it, so there it is.. on marketplace... if you have a use for it.  The official name on marketplace is "White Rose" Sombrero Hat Dance Machine.  It will only be on there for a few weeks.

FYI:  I have a particular song in mind and had chosen particular dance anims for the song if you're interested.  These are the dance animations I put in my own Hat Dance:  *Pep Squad, Freestyle Jazz Funk, Happy Happy!, Jesse1, Jesse2, Joe2, Ola 08, Ola 09, S4D Sanba 55B, and Walkin the Walk.  The song I'll be using is "La Cucaracha" by La Banda Del Diablo. 

VikkiLynn Caproni
VL MegaProductions and
The Chicks

Thanks to VikkiLynn for sharing!

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