Saturday, October 27, 2012

Koku no Hana - A flower of emptiness

Koku no Hana - A flower of emptiness 121027

Misse Tigerpaw from Club IMAGE sent us this invitation ...


This is our Halloween show and our first theatrical performance as Club Image, eventhough we have been performing the dance show for a long time in SL.This is a new challange for us with all our skills and passion into it ! so its worth see it !! The place will be open at 5:30AM PDT and the curtains go up at 6AM PDT (Sunday, 28 October). It will be about 40 minutes show.

Please Note that there is a script checker at the entrance to make the show look smoother without lag. make sure you get there earlier for a good seat! ** There is an English subtitle HUD avarable** so jsut ask for it : ) hope to see you there ! Just don't miss it!

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