Thursday, August 30, 2012

VIRTUAL FEELING Video by Florine Writer

VIRTUAL FEELING Video by Florine Writer 120830

Florine Writer has released a new video called VIRTUAL FEELING. Florine makes a lot of dance videos, particularly of MaHal. More of Florine's videos are at


Barre Bugs & Suggestions Webpage

Barre Bugs & Suggestions Webpage 120830

Rachael Young sent this to the Barre Group today ...


Bugs & Suggestions Webpage
Wed, Aug 29 2012 7:52:53 PM PDT

I added a Bug Report section to the Barre support website. You may also leave suggestions there too. Please feel free to add to the list. It will help me make the Barre experience better for everyone.


My opinion is that adding a webpage for bugs and suggestions is a good idea. The upside is that real problems will be posted allowing for improvement or redesign of the products. Customers and potential customers also will see what others say. Yes, there is a downside. Ranting by unhappy customers, non-topic comments and possibly inaccurate information planted by competitors will occur, but I think most people can see through this. I would love to see this type of approach on all dance maker and dance equipment maker websites.

On the DANCE QUEENS blog there is a section on each blog post for comments. The comments are visible to all to see. I monitor the comments. In a very few occasions I have removed comments that have nothing to do with SL dancing. I have left all other comments including those that I didn't agree with or were very unflattering to me or to DANCE QUEENS because the comments did involve dancing and reflected at least one person's view. I have also learned from the comments and have tried to improve DANCE QUEENS based on some of the comments.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Making a Dance Sequence with the Barre HUD

Making a Dance Sequence with the Barre HUD 120829

One of the features of the Barre HUD is recording dance sequences. I've written before about how to do sequenced choreography and making sequences from the database. I could have made the sequence described in this blog post by selecting the dances, then timing them to the desired transition point and assembling and testing the sequence. However, the sequence I wanted to make included some dances that start off the center point and would switch at a point other than the loop point. I thought that the Barre recording feature would be an ideal solution to making a reasonably good sequence and I would learn how sequence making works with the Barre,


The sequence I was working on is Dance Sequence 392 and features six dances that are in the Ministry of Motion (MoM) Kama Sutra HUD. These are the only female solo dances in the HUD and I thought it would be fun to make a sequence from these dances. The six dances are
  • Burlesque 1(f)
  • Burlesque 2(f)
  • Baby Cakes (f)
  • Daisy Duke (f)
  • Dancing Queen (f)
  • Butter Babe (f)
Two of the dances, Burlesque 1(f) and Burlesque 2(f), begin at the center point facing forward. The other four begin off the center point as shown in Pictures 1 through 4. Each of these pictures was taken with me on a choreography grid that faces north at the very start of the dance.

Picture 01 - Baby Cakes_(f)

Picture 02 - Butter Babe_(f)

Picture 03 - Daisy Duke_(f)

Picture 04 - Dancing Queen_(f)
I wanted to start the sequence at the center point so that meant the first dance had to be one of the two Burlesque Dances. Next, I ran the two Burlesque dances to see if there are places in either of the dances that are close to the starting points in any of the off-starting point dances. Burlesque_1(f) has a position part way through the dance that is close to the starting point of Baby Cakes_(f). This looked like a good transition point. I repeated the process and found transition points for all of the dances that made a dance sequence like this:

Baby Cakes_(f)
Daisy Duke_(f)
Dancing Queen_(f)
Butter Babe_(f)

Of course, in almost all of the cases, the transition point was not at the looping point. This meant that I had either to shorten each dance and transition before one loop was completed or let a dance loop then continue to the transition point. I decided to let each dance loop at least once.


Since I had never used the Barre HUD for recording a dance sequence, I decided to read the help pages on the Barre website about recording. Once I knew how to start recording and stop recording plus recover the sequence information, I felt ready to develop the sequence.

I put the dances in my Barre HUD and added them to one of my notecards in the order I wanted to play them. Then, all I did was work with the dances until I could freestyle the sequence with transitions at the right points. I used the choreography grid looking from above to do this. After I felt good about the freestyle sequence and felt confident that I could switch dances at the right point, I was ready to record.

My first attempt gave me this sequence from the Barre HUD:

Baby Cakes_(f)|40.1
Daisy Duke_(f)|27.4
Dancing Queen_(f)|53.7
Butter Babe_(f)|36.0

I converted it to one line and added a name and a repeat:

Burlesque_1(f)|28.8|Baby Cakes_(f)|40.1|Daisy Duke_(f)|27.4|Dancing Queen_(f)|53.7|Butter Babe_(f)|36.0|Burlesque_2(f)|45.9|[REPEAT]

and I put it in a Barre notecard.


It is particularly difficult to do a sequence with dances that start off the center point, but the initial recorded sequence looked pretty good. Most of the transitions had slight jumps, which I had expected and knew I could not overcome because the match up of positions was not perfect. I decided to leave the sequence as it was. I did add the NAME to it for publication ...

[NAME]Kama Mama|Burlesque_1(f)|28.8|Baby Cakes_(f)|40.1|Daisy Duke_(f)|27.4|Dancing Queen_(f)|53.7|Butter Babe_(f)|36.0|Burlesque_2(f)|45.9|[REPEAT]

Monday, August 27, 2012



Marcus Adkins sent this to the HUMANOID Group today ...


Mon, Aug 27 2012 3:33:19 PM PDT

 The Time has come !  CATHY is out NOW !

Awaited by many HUMANOID Fans and Dancers all around SL.

Really cute and self-confident moves.

Don`t miss the Video Teaser :

   Unisex Shuffle - Experimental Techno - Club Tested
Marcus Adkins ♥

Mr Timeless & The Pale Hypnotic - Show

Mr Timeless & The Pale Hypnotic - Show 120827

cherryblonde (Chryblnd Scribe) sent us this invitation ...


Idle Rogue and Guerilla Burlesque present a fully-realised stage production this Sunday at 7pm. Mr Timeless & The Pale Hypnotic is the multimedia project of DeepSky Timeless, whose original prog-rock and metal tunes are written as additional chapters for his collection of post-apocalyptic stories.

This week's production sees input from the Guerilla Burlesque team who are reviving from their summer break, and following popular appearances in the Dance Queens Festival V and Sydney Fashion Week.

Diawa Bellic's hand-picked team of dancers will be choreographed to within an inch of their lives by the superbrat of virtual dance. Chewie Quixote's set design and Shippy Creations lighting effects, along with custom-designed costumes from Sho Kyong of *SK Designs* combine to bring you an absolutely original, only-in-Second-Life experience. If you like your rock hard and your rock concerts dazzling, join us on Sunday night at Idle Rogue.

Idle Rogue slurl:

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Coming Soon from HUMANOID - CATHY !

Coming Soon from HUMANOID - CATHY ! (120825)

Marcus Adkins sent this notice to the HUMANOID Group today ...


Coming Soon from HUMANOID - CATHY !
Sat, Aug 25 2012 9:16:13 AM PDT

HUMANOID "Cathy" Teaser Video !

The next stunning Dance Release here at HUMANOID Animations !
Unisex Shuffle - Smooth Girly Femme  Moves -

♥HUMANOID Loves You♥

Diesel Works Offers Destiny Set and Gift

Diesel Works Offers Destiny Set and Gift 120825

Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works sent us this note today...

*New release*

Standard group discount applies on the pack. Wear your tag and select the lower price on the vendor.

----------- AUGUST GIFT -------------

There's a beautiful new FREE couple pose at the store as the August gift. Come grab your copy before I remove it.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Henmations Announces New Couples Dances

Henmations Announces New Couples Dances 120824

Hendrik Schroeder of Henmations announced the following in his Group today ...


New Couples Dances & Packs
Fri, Aug 24 2012 3:35:42 PM PDT

Visit our re-organized Couples Dance Section now, with lots of new Dances & Packs  released today!

Monday, August 20, 2012

MyAnimation Offers Beyonce Dances

MyAnimation Offers Beyonce Dances 120820

Ramona Criss sent this announcement to the MyAnimation Group today ...


Mon, Aug 20 2012 1:58:35 PM PDT

 We are very proud to announce
 ▀▀▀▀    NEWEST RELEASE   ▀▀▀▀
ENJOY and have FUN .

New Illegal Dance Seller on Marketplace

New Illegal Dance Seller on Marketplace 120820

A DANCE QUEENS member and I had a conversation about a new illegal dance seller on SL Marketplace. I have withheld her name by her request.

Here is the conversation:

[07:37:03] DQ Member: Hi Nottoo.......I have a notecard I am going to drop on you....I am not sure that listing this on your pirated anims site might be wise yet - I have already notified Live Gears

[07:38:33] Nottoo Wise: hi DQ Member xxx
[07:38:42] Nottoo Wise: wow good detective work
[07:38:56] Nottoo Wise: live gears seems to be away from SL
[07:39:06] Nottoo Wise: so there may be a slow response
[07:39:24] DQ Member: Easy Babcock seems to have given up as well.....
[07:39:30] Nottoo Wise: yes a long time ago
[07:39:34] Nottoo Wise: and wild moo too
[07:39:39] DQ Member: and only the creators can raise a DMCA for this
[07:39:41] Nottoo Wise: can i put this on the blog
[07:39:43] Nottoo Wise: yes
[07:39:47] Nottoo Wise: but when they finally do
[07:39:54] Nottoo Wise: the people who have bought the dances lose
[07:40:15] DQ Member: my only concern about blogging might lead some into temptation so to speak
[07:40:33] Nottoo Wise: maybe but i think most people understand the risks
[07:40:40] Nottoo Wise: and oppose illegal dances
[07:41:23] DQ Member: ok... I will leave it to is by far the biggest collection I have come across
[07:41:36] Nottoo Wise: do u want me to remove ur name from this
[07:41:40] DQ Member: or can i say u found it
[07:42:46] DQ Member: I would leave my name out of it....I will be more effecient as a detective if I am undercover so to speak
[07:42:53] Nottoo Wise: ok
[07:43:04] Nottoo Wise: may i put this converstaion on the blog without ur name
[07:43:58] DQ Member: of course......:)
[07:44:04] Nottoo Wise: :-)
[07:44:07] Nottoo Wise: ty xxx
[07:48:13] DQ Member: ouch...I just calculated the cost if these were bought at L$250 each - L$ 50,750 - no wonder Easy and Live Gears have given up
[07:49:01] Nottoo Wise: yes it is a strong disincentive for dance makers


Here is the Notecard:

Hi Live - found the following:     L$370    L$0          L$0

I think you might want to get this item pulled asap - I have listed your animations below.
The pack also contains a whole lot of Easy Babcock dances and some others from various sources.
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_basicstep_14
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Funky_116_japan02
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Funky_123_japan01
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Funky_125_japan03
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_izmturn_15
Live Gears,S4D_Jazz_84
Live Gears,S4D_pop_128
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Step01_24
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Step02_25
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Step03_26
Live Gears,S4D_Step04_27
Live Gears,S4D_Step05_28
Live Gears,S4D_Step06_29
Live Gears,S4D_Step07_11
Live Gears,S4D_Step_08_98
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Step_09_98
Live Gears,S4D_Step_09_99
Live Gears,S4D_Step_10_100
Live Gears,S4D_Step_12_102
Live Gears,S4D_Step_201
Live Gears,S4D_Step_202
Live Gears,S4D_Step_203
Live Gears,S4D_Step_204
Live Gears,S4D_Step_206
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Street_153
Live Gears,S4D_Street_154
Live Gears,S4D_Street_155
Live Gears,S4D_Street_156
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Street_157
Live Gears,S4D_Street_158
Live Gears,S4D_Street_163
Live Gears,S4D_Street_167
Live Gears,S4D_Street_169
Live Gears,S4D_Street_170
Live Gears,S4D_Street_171
Live Gears,S4D_Street_172
Live Gears,S4D_Street_173
Live Gears,S4D_Street_174
Live Gears,S4D_Street_178
Live Gears,S4D_Street_179
Live Gears,S4D_Street_180
Live Gears,S4D_Street_181
Live Gears,S4D_Street_182
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_215
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_216
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_217
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_218
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_219
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_220
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_222
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_223
Live Gears,S4D_Styling_02_136
Live Gears,S4D_Styling_08_142
Live Gears,S4D_urban_183
Live Gears,S4D_urban_184
Live Gears,S4D_urban_185
Live Gears,S4D_urban_186
Live Gears,S4D_urban_187
Live Gears,S4D_urban_189
Live Gears,S4D_urban_190
Live Gears,S4D_urban_191
Live Gears,S4D_urban_192
Live Gears,S4D_urban_193
Live Gears,S4D_urban_197
Live Gears,S4D_urban_198
Live Gears,S4D_Wakking_18
Debug Count: 69

Easy Babcock,adoration
Easy Babcock,all about me
Wild Moo,be cool
Wild Moo,beat one nr 1
Wild Moo,beatless nr 2
Easy Babcock,black cherries
Wild Moo,break down
Easy Babcock,butterscotch
Easy Babcock,candy whistle
Longranger Roeth,caramel
Easy Babcock,center of the universe
Easy Babcock,cherry pips
Easy Babcock,chewing gum
Easy Babcock,chicago
Easy Babcock,chick habit
Abramelin Wolfe,Chill Out Style
Easy Babcock,closer
Easy Babcock,crimson breeze
Easy Babcock,crystal roses
Abramelin Wolfe,Dancefloor Enticement
Easy Babcock,delicious hips
Easy Babcock,down and around
Easy Babcock,firefly
Easy Babcock,fizz
Easy Babcock,fizzy pop
Easy Babcock,flaming sambuca
Easy Babcock,flapper
Wild Moo,flip like this nr 3
Easy Babcock,foot loose
Easy Babcock,freezer
Easy Babcock,full of it
Easy Babcock,funkcicle
Easy Babcock,funky dubious
Easy Babcock,g t eye
Easy Babcock,galvanize
Easy Babcock,gimme gimme gimme
Abramelin Wolfe,Give it Up
Easy Babcock,glass eye
Easy Babcock,glitterbug
Easy Babcock,going nuts
Dave Bellman,Groove Avenger
Easy Babcock,here we go
Dave Bellman,HH freestyle  42
Easy Babcock,hola
Easy Babcock,hopscotch
Easy Babcock,hot seat
Easy Babcock,hydrogen
Easy Babcock,hyperteck
Easy Babcock,I am on fire
Easy Babcock,i feel dizzy
Easy Babcock,ice age
Easy Babcock,jack It
Easy Babcock,jammy dodger
Wild Moo,jump the riddle nr 6 ??
Wild Moo,jumping vibes
Dave Bellman,Just Arrived
ANUKIS Nagy,keep on moving
Easy Babcock,kiss my buttons
Easy Babcock,lava palaver nr 7
Wild Moo,let me think about it
ANUKIS Nagy,lets dance
DancingRobot Crosby,liquid persia
Easy Babcock,live forever
Easy Babcock,lollipop
Easy Babcock,look at me
ANUKIS Nagy,loopy
ANUKIS Nagy,lost
Easy Babcock,maple syrup
ANUKIS Nagy,May01
Easy Babcock,merry go
Easy Babcock,monty
Easy Babcock,never gonna stop
ANUKIS Nagy,no name
Easy Babcock,no way
ANUKIS Nagy,not know dance
Easy Babcock,omg
Easy Babcock,one way or another
Easy Babcock,orange squash
Easy Babcock,peaches
Easy Babcock,pendulem
Easy Babcock,peppermint
Easy Babcock,pippapot
Easy Babcock,precious morning
Easy Babcock,prowling
Wild Moo,pump the jump
Easy Babcock,red chilli sheen
Easy Babcock,release
Easy Babcock,release nr 12
Easy Babcock,rock steady
Wild Moo,rocking rio
Easy Babcock,rubber ball
Abramelin Wolfe,Seductive Twirl  - Abranimations
Easy Babcock,shake and bake
Easy Babcock,shake the maracas
Easy Babcock,shaken and stirred
Easy Babcock,shamo
Dave Bellman,Sharking
Easy Babcock,shock therapy
Easy Babcock,smashing
Easy Babcock,snake hips
Easy Babcock,sophisticat
Easy Babcock,space hopper
Easy Babcock,spellbound
Easy Babcock,spring loaded
ANUKIS Nagy,steet
Dave Bellman,Stepping Out
Easy Babcock,strawberrys and cream
Easy Babcock,sync
Easy Babcock,tap dance
Easy Babcock,technologic
Easy Babcock,techtonic
Easy Babcock,techtronic
Easy Babcock,tecktronique
Easy Babcock,this joint is jumpin
Easy Babcock,THRASH
Easy Babcock,throbing
Easy Babcock,tick tock
Easy Babcock,too much fun
Easy Babcock,tornado
Abramelin Wolfe,Touch Me -
Dave Bellman,Two and Switch
Easy Babcock,uprockin
Easy Babcock,want some
Easy Babcock,wasabi
Easy Babcock,washing machine
Easy Babcock,wavy gravy
Easy Babcock,way on high
Easy Babcock,weaving dreams
Abramelin Wolfe,wiggle dancing 1 -
Easy Babcock,windmill
Easy Babcock,wired
Easy Babcock,yeah and
Easy Babcock,Yipeeeeeeeee
Easy Babcock,zucchini
Debug Count: 134


The name of the new seller is ALOT and is run by Alotafagina Asbrink. I have included this store in the illegal dance seller list. I also forwarded the notecard to Wild Moo, Dave Bellman and Abramelin Wolfe.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Challenge of Couples Dance Choreography

The Challenge of Couples Dance Choreography 120819

I've mentioned previously that choreography of couples dancing is more challenging than choreography of individual dancing. There are control systems such as the MLDU5, the Dance Master and the Henmations dance system Club Control. Whichever system you are using there is a design problem with couples dances that I believe can be fixed by the Dance Makers. If this is fixed it will simplify the choreography of couples dancing. This post explains the problem and offers a solution.


Jumping. Yes, that's it. When there is a transition from one couples dance to another there is almost always a jump by one or both of the dancers. Let me start at the beginning and show you why this is.


There are now three sim dance systems available: the INTAN, the TIS Hybrid and the Henmations Club Control. So, as a starting point I decided to look at how each system rezzes couples pose balls. To see this I put my self on a choreography grid and took pictures from above. I am facing north and my boobs point that way (Picture 01).

Picture 01

First, I rezzed pose balls using the INTAN system (Picture 02).

Picture 02

Next, I rezzed pose balls using the TIS Hybrid system (Picture 03).

Picture 03

Finally, I used the Henmations system (Picture 04).

Picture 04

You can clearly see that there is no consistency in how the three sim Dance Systems rezz pose balls in terms of direction relative to the person who rezzes the balls and in the separation distance of the pose balls.

I wondered if my orientation made a difference in how the pose balls are rezzed. To test this I turned the choreography grid 90, 180 and 315 degrees and again rezzed the pose balls. The result? The INTAN is specific to the direction you face.

Facing east

Picture 05

Facing south

Picture 06

Facing northwest

Picture 07
The TIS Hybrid is just like the INTAN. It rezzes the pose balls relative to the direction the avatar is facing. Here (Picture 08) is the TIS Hybrid rezzed pose balls with me facing northwest.

Picture 08
The Henmations Club Control, however, always rezzes the pose balls in the same direction. Here (Picture 09) is the Henmations Club Control rezzed pose balls with me facing northwest.

Picture 09
Although there are significant differences in the position of the rezzed pose balls and the distance apart, this really is only significant when you want dancers to face a specific direction when dancing using a sim Dance System.

Each system is set up to adjust the dancers positions based on the specific dance that is activated. Let me show you some examples using the INTAN with me facing north. First, I rezz the pose balls, so you again see them like in Picture 02 with the female about 0.5 M to the west and the male about 0.5 M to the east and the couple is facing. I hop on the female and use my RL friend Nottooo's avatar on the male. I am in black (female) and Nottooo is in red (male). Finally, I choose different dances and take a picture right at the start of the dance.

Here is Ti Amo, a very nice dance from 3FX (Picture 10).

Picture 10

What you see is that Ti Amo starts the dancers at a different position than the rezzed pose balls (Picture 02). In this case the dancers face each other but instead of being east-west they are north-south, and the position of each dancer is different. YIKES!

Here is another couples dance, a Bits and Bob's Favorite called V3.

Picture 11
V3 also has a different orientation of the dancers and position at the start relative to the pose balls, BUT, and this is an important BUT, V3 is not at the same positions and orientations as TiAmo. DOUBLE YIKES!

A third example is Couple-04, a Henmations dance.

Picture 12
In this dance the orientations and positions do not match the pose balls and the avatars start not facing each other.

The cause of all this inconsistency in starting positions and orientations is the individual dances not the dance systems. In fact all three dance systems (INTAN, TIS Hybrid and Henmations Club Control) have built in information about each couples dance's positions and orientations. The systems place the dancing couple relative to the rezzed pose balls.


To help you understand better what the problem is let me show you the individual dances that make up some couples dances. Most DANCE QUEENS members understand the importance of centerpoint for individual dances. A good individual animation should start at the position that the avatar is located (centerpoint) and start with the avatar facing forward. Whether you do Freestyle or Sequenced choreography almost all individual dance transitions occur at the center point with the avatar facing forward.

To see how the male and female animations in a couples dance start I put me on the choreography grid and ran the male or female animation only. When I hopped on the grid pose ball, I looked like Picture 01. Picture 13 is my position just after starting on the female part of Ti Amo.

Picture 13
Instead of facing north at the centerpoint, I start facing east about 0.5 M from the centerpoint. If you could see a video of the start you would also conclude that the Ease In time is zero. That means there is an instant jump from me standing like in Picture 01 to me dancing like in Picture 13. Most individual dances have a 0.3 second Ease In time to smooth from one animation to another.

I will spare you the pictures of the male part of Ti Amo and the individual animations from other couples dances. With few exceptions they start off the center point and often oriented away from the front.


As I said at the beginning the problem is jumping when changing from one couples dance to another. Most choreographers of couples dances use the MLDU5, the DanceMaster Pro, the DB system or the XPOSE. As I mentioned in the report on the Henmations Club Control I believe it also will see some use for couples choreography. It doesn't matter which system a couples choreographer uses, all face the same problem. There are two animations (male and female) that have to change at the same time and both animations for the male and the female are off the centerpoint and may be oriented differently AND the animations have no Ease In time. No wonder there is a jump.


I realize that making couples animations is more difficult for Dance Makers than making individual animations. They have to do motion capture on two people at once and the return to the starting point when the dance loops has to be done simultaneously for two live people. This is no easy task. BUT, given that challenge, here is what I would like to see.

First, one of the avatars in every couples dance should start at the centerpoint. I would choose the female but, since most animators are males, let's put the male avatar at the centerpoint.

Second, have the male avatar facing forward at the beginning of every couples dance. I would also use an Ease In time of 0.3 secs on all couples animations. Just these two simple steps would simplify couples dance choreography a lot.

Third, separate the female dancer from the male dancer at the beginning by some set increment of 0.5 M, for example, 0.5 M or 1.0 or 1.5. Slow dances tend to have the dancers close and fast dances can be close or more distant.

Fourth, start the female dancer facing the male dancer. There are almost no dances where at some time during the dance the two do not face each other. Start the dance at this time.

If Dance Makers do these four steps, they should put an added value on the couples dance with a statement like "SUITABLE FOR CHOREOGRAPHY."


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sim Dance Systems - Review of Henmations Club Control V1

Sim Dance Systems - Review of Henmations Club Control V1 (120818)

Last September I reviewed the two sim Dance Systems: the TIS Hybrid and the INTAN. At that time those were the only two systems that were available for controlling couples dancing on a parcel or sim. Recently, Henmations has offered a third sim Dance System option called the Henmations Club Control V1.

I purchased one of the systems, set it up and compared it to the TIS Hybrid and INTAN using the same criteria I had used previously for comparing the systems.


The initial set up is quite simple and loading dances from the available packs is really simple. Rezz the dance pack and touch it and it automatically transfers the purchased dances to the dance controller. Next register the system and you are ready to dance. Set up took about three minutes.

For basic dancing this is all you need to do. When a couple wants to dance, they click the dance ball, hop on the rezzed pose balls, accept the dance invitation and choose the desired dance from the dance menu.

There are advanced features.


First, you can set up menus for your dances. For example, I had Rumba, Bachata and Jive dances that I wanted to set up in separate menus. This is fairly straightforward using the web interface, and it took about five minutes to set up the three special menus and re-register the system.

Once the menus were set up on the web interface, the in-world menu gave access to the specialized menus or all of the dances.


If you look at the picture just above, you see there is an option to get a HUD. Clicking the 'Get HUD' gives you a wearable HUD. Strangely, the HUD default position is the 'Center' of your screen then offset to the left.

So, I centered the HUD on my screen, removed it and reattached it to the 'Top' position. which for me is much better use of screen real estate.

The HUD gives you access to the blue menu for selecting dance menus or specific dances. It also has a SYNC button, which makes syncing you and your partner easy. There is a HELP button which takes you to the online help information where there is more detailed explanations of how to use the features plus videos showing you how to use the system.


The HUD also contains something new called the DRIVE THRU DANCE FLOOR. There are arrows that allow you to move both dancers around the dance floor. There is a device called the Move Us Around that is an add on to the INTAN that does essentially the same thing, but this is the first time I have seen this feature built into a Dance System.


Another new feature of the Club Control system is making couples dance sequences. Again it is pretty easy to do, especially if you know the loop time of the couples dances. The web interface is used.

Once you reset the device, dancers then have access to the dance sequences you created.

The sequence capability allows the owner of the Club Control to create sequences with couples dances. This is akin to the sequences that are made from individual dances with the Category 4 Dance HUDs. No other sim Dance System allows this sequencing. You have to use something like the MLDU5 or the DanceMaster to do this and these systems are not really designed as sim Dance Systems. This is an exciting new capability in a sim Dance system. I can imagine creating couples dance sequences for clubs. Of course, a major improvement in couples dances is still needed. There is no uniformity in the orientation of the male and female dancers with couples dances, and there is no uniformity in position. What this means is that when you change from one couples dance to another the couple is likely to jump position. This jump could be averted if there were a uniform orientation and centering of couples dances by couples dance makers.


The Club Control system like the INTAN and the TIS Hybrid allows creation of customized dances. Included in this is the ability to change the dancers' orientation. This allows creation of something like two avatars dancing side by side using the same dance.


There is no group capability with the Club Control. This is a feature I rarely use but those who do will not have it available. Also, there is not an option to cycle through the dances in a random fashion. Finally, this is a couples dance system only, no individual dance capability is included.


There is a Stop button, but I never could figure out what it did. I would like to stop the dances, but the Stop button didn't seem to do anything. Also, the HUD uses the blue menu system. I really don't like this since it defaults to the upper right position and can cover important information displayed there. I would prefer something built into the HUD for accessing the dances. There doesn't seem to be any Dance Anywhere type of devices that you can place on your parcel or sim. With only the one device for accessing dances, this is a major drawback if you have a large property.


Using the criteria here is what I found:

All three Dance Systems have sufficient capacity for both dances and number of dancers for almost all clubs and home users. There are add on scripts for the Club Control which allows expansion of both number of dancers and number of dances that I think will accommodate any need in SL. The club Control offers more advanced capability to manage capacity than the TIS Hybrid or INTAN.

The TIS Hybrid and the Club Control are both easy to set up and both are considerably easier to set up than the INTAN system. There are people who will set up the INTAN system for you, but this adds to the cost. The TIS and Club Control System also make listing your dances simple so you can easily avoid buying the same dances twice.

Once set up all three systems are relatively easy to use. The interface for the TIS Hybrid and the Club Control is easlier to use than he INTAN for accessing advanced features such as selecting menus. The lack of a Dance Anywhere feature for the Club Control is a major deficiency if you have a large parcel and want dancing available in many locations.

Although the Club Control is for couples dancing only, it offers two features that are significant. One is the movement (also possible with the add-on for the INTAN) around the floor and the second and most important is the sequencing capability. Although the Club Control lacks the group and random features,the sequencing opens up significant opportunities for making couples dancing a lot more fun.

All three systems are priced about the same. The System price is modest compared to the price of the dances that the owner will need to add to the system.

The TIS Hybrid and Club Control offer somewhat better help than the INTAN.

One consideration with the TIS Hybrid and the Club Control is that both systems depend on external websites. If the TIS or Henmations websites are not available their dance systems will not work. Also, you are passing information to their websites about the dances that you have and perhaps the frequency that the dances are used. The INTAN is completely self contained in SL. No external websites are required to run the INTAN and no information is sent to the INTAN maker.


I believe that the sequencing capability of the Club Control will lead to a lot of innovation in couples dancing in clubs. This will take some time for club owners to figure out and may offer an opportunity for enterprising DANCE QUEENS members or others to offer a set up service. However, when the general SL population begins to experience better couples dancing with sequences, I think this will lead to a conversion of clubs to the Club Control System. I plan to convert to this system in my sim once a Dance Anywhere feature is included (perhaps in Club Control V2).

My recommendation for occasional users of sim dance systems: keep your current system. If you own a club or want to experiment with sequencing couples dances, get the Club Control system.


Friday, August 17, 2012

New Couples Dances from Henmations

New Couples Dances from Henmations 120817

Hendrik Schroeder sent this notice to the Henmations Group today ...


New Couples Dances: Salsa, Jive & Slow Waltz out now!
Fri, Aug 17 2012 3:57:06 PM PDT

We just released lots of new Couples Dances: Salsa, Jive, Slow Waltz & more Bachata Animations...  now even available as Intan & Club Control Autoloader Packs...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

MalWare Warning on This Site

MalWare Warning on This Site 120816

Some of you may have received a warning when visiting the DANCE QUEENS blog like this:

" contains content from ___, a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site."

The identified site I replaced with ___ since it is one run by a DANCE QUEENS member. I sent a note to her to alert her to the problem. As a precaution I removed the link to the site until she can figure out the source of the warning.

The DANCE QUEENS site is safe to visit. I don't support any type of malware, advertising or anything but having fun with dancing in SL.




Lady Vida (Lady Correia) sent us this invitation ...



Get out those pens and mark your calendars: August 22nd starting at 6pm SLT is the premiere show at Follies Cabaret.  The Follies Dolls will be burning up the stage at our upscale custom-designed Follies Cabaret club.  If you are a lover of quality live dance entertainment, this is the place you will want to be!  There is also a special treat in store for you with our unique and exciting audience participation number where *you* become the star.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nossa-Mania ... A Stunning Video by Pia Klaar

Nossa-Mania ... A Stunning Video by Pia Klaar 120815

Dear Nottoo,

After I bought the Nossa animations from MyANIMATION, I dusted off my HUDDLES EZ  Animator Deluxe, cut and pasted the animation sequence that you had created, and started to film. Here is what I ended up with. Thanks again for all of your help.

I hope you do not mind that I gave credit to you for the sequence of the animations. I have no knowledge of how to do that.


Pia Klaar



Double WOW ... I love those outfits

Stunning video

Here is the sequence ...



WOW WOW ... need a Nossa lesson? Check out, Now, you can dance the same sexy Brazilian way with the Nossa dances from MyAnim. Good for NOSSA NOSSA Ai se eu te pego. I'd say it's hot.



My-NOSSA-01 to My-NOSSA-10



For Barre


For Huddles and Fleursoft




Cut and paste the dance sequences into your notecard in your HUD. The dance will appear as Nossa-mania but will be sequenced.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dance Costume Sources

Dance Costume Sources 120813

Recently Psyche Lunasea has been showing a lot of burlesque costumes on her blog. I use the Google translate feature so I can understand what she is saying. After looking at all the work Psyche had done to identify burlesque costumes I thought it might be helpful for DANCE QUEENS members to see her listing of LMs, so I IMd Psyche. After talking with Psyche, she volunteered to send all the costume LMs that she has. She divided them into groups. Here is what she sent:

Here are some flats that I got free for visiting the Purple Moon store.


Here I am thinking about a Gizza Creations dress (in red of course). Not my style.


Here I am at Grollwerk checking out the Noble Rogue. Hmmm, I like black but I like things sexier.


Some of the places Psyche suggested have clothing for men too, like this beach costume from Champagne I thought about for Riddle.


Hmmm, these dresses at Artilleri look like my old grandma's outfits. She was a wild one in her time, hahahaha.


Well, this dress from MdC-Vanilla Pleasures i couldn't resist.


Some stores, like MAKTUB, also sell male costumes.


Here are some stockings I bought at Sheer.

Happy costume hunting and thank you, Psyche.