Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dance Festival V - TY, TY, TY

Dance Festival V - TY, TY, TY 120729

Dance Festival V is over ... what a great dancing event. Forty-five dance shows. WOWIE!!!

It is so much fun seeing the many different ways that dancing is done in SL. So, many, many thanks to the groups that were in the show. It was a success because of you.

We had many people attend the six days of dancing. A lot of DANCE QUEENS members were there and about 40 people joined the DANCE QUEENS group during the two weekends. Thank you for supporting your group :-)

I also must say special thanks to many people who worked behind the scenes to make the show happen. I hope I do not miss anyone, so here goes...

Diawa Bellic (Princess Di) - Diawa always gives me an opinion and challenges my thinking. This makes shows and dancing better and I value this so much. Diawa also helps with thinking about lag.

Psyche Lunasea - Psyche not only gave own shows with her MaHal group she helped with the schedule management while I was unexpectedly in RL the month before the Festival. Psyche also encouraged the performers of the Japanese dance community to join the Festival ... and they did :-) Psyche also helped in troubleshooting the streaming problems.. What would I do without you, Psyche?

Arabella Luminos - Arabella handled the media and invitation to the dance makers and dance equipment makers. Media attended the event and I hope we will get publicity about dancing. There were also a lot of people at the event I think because of the publicity

Zed Karas - Zed handled the rezzing questions and technology. As part of our lag fighting effort, rezzing and de-rezzing were important and Zed was the advisor.

Lymirah Gardner, tyriani, Tiffani Celestalis, Mily Sandalwood - All four of these ladies volunteered for security duty. Fortunately, they were not put to the test.

Caryl Meredith - Caryl was very helpful in discussing the use of the split sims as way of controlling dance lag.

Dee Linden - Dee is the Linden Lab contact with whom I worked to set up the sims. She helped get them on the right days and the proper position. I made a labelling error and she took the time to troubleshoot it as well as deal with other problems. Good job, Dee, and Linden lab.

Chastity Saintlouis - Chas is the NeoStreams rep who went beyond normal customer service to work on the streaming issues we had.

Nottooo Wise - Yes, 3ooo loaned me her avatar so I could have a presence on both sims.

Quite a number of people sent me notecards or talked with me during the festival giving me feedback on the good and bad ... Felicia Ibanez, Iliandra Allen, Klark Harvy, Naiki Muliaina, Yummy, and more. Almost everyone gave me a comment so I know I have missed most of you here.

Finally, putting on a Dance Festival is not so easy as you may have read in my note on the subject. Many of you know I am Latin and thus have a wide range of emotions and I change quickly from one emotional state to another. My calming influence and the person I turn to when I don't know what to do is Riddlebox Ribble. He is my enduring flower and a great reason why things like this Festival get done.

So, all I can add now is hugs and kisses ... xoxoxoxxo

Dance Festival VI will be next year and will be even more spectacular.


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  1. Talking about lag in SL is like talking about the weather...