Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Built in AO

Built in AO 120418

A comment was made on the first post on Advanced Dancing concerning reducing script usage by using the built-in AO in Firestorm. You can access the Firestorm built-in AO using the "AO" button at the bottom of the firestorm viewer page. To get help setting it up use the help (?) button on the AO. This accesses the following link ( After you have set up the built-in AO, you can stop using the AO associated with your HUD, if it has this feature. On most advanced HUDs with an AO capability, there is an off button, which (I think) turns off the AO scripts and thus reduces your script demands, which helps with lag reduction.

I looked on the most recent SL viewer, but I did not see the same built-in AO feature. I am not too familiar with the SL viewer, so if you know of how to use a built-in AO on the SL viewer add a comment or IM me.



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