Friday, March 9, 2012

Dance HUD Comparison Update

Dance HUD Comparison Update 120309

The group working on the analysis of the SL Dance HUDs is still active. We are still working on Step 3 of the Process we described previously.

We have completed the first round of analyses of the nine HUDs that were identified as Category IV. Since all of the group members were familiar with the Huddles HUD, we used the Huddles as a standard of comparison. Each of the remaining eight HUDs was reviewed by two group members using the agreed upon criteria and comparing the HUDs to the Huddles. We ranked each HUD for each of the criteria (such as capacity, navigation, organization, etc.) using a system of +2 for substantially better than the Huddles, +1 better than the Huddles, 0 essentially equivalent to the Huddles, -1 worse than the Huddles, and -2 substantially worse than the Huddles.. Any score other than 0 had to include a comment why.

Based on the the first round of analyses, we eliminated three HUDs from further consideration. These HUDs had mostly negative or very negative comparisons with the Huddles by both members who rated them. All of the five remaining HUDs had some feature(s) that was judged better than the Huddles or had some difference in view of the two members who rated them. We are having a third group member rate each of these five relative to the Huddles. Following this second round of ratings, I expect us to have the three best HUDs identified. We will then vote among the working group on these three to choose the best.

Once we are done with this step, we will publish the results for all to see and ask for your comments.

This has turned out to be a tough job and the group members have spent a lot of time on the analyses. Although you will not see their names, it certainly makes me feel good to know how thorough they are and how impartial they are in their analyses.

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