Sunday, February 19, 2012

Choreography Show II Invitation

Choreography Show II Invitation 120220

The second DANCE QUEENS Choreography Show is set for this coming Saturday, 25 February at 2:00 pm. All DANCE QUEENS members are invited. In fact, everyone is invited.

This show is for demonstrating Couples Dancing. Eight different couples will dance for you and let you peek behind the scene to see how they do it. Here is the schedule:

2:00 Jeni Luik and Thom Caramel - STAGE AREA 1
2:10 Diddy Hyun and Rayzza Rubble -  STAGE AREA 2
2:20 Bubble Roffo and Jam Xurina -  STAGE AREA 3
2:30 Felicia Ibanez and Ric Lyle -  STAGE AREA 4
2:40 Diawa Bellic and her Di4 Dancer -  STAGE AREA 1
2:50 Riddlebox Ribble and Nottoo Wise - STAGE AREA 2
3:00 Open
3:10 Maxmum Panache and Kiriam MacIntyre -  STAGE AREA 4
3:20 Psyche Lunasea and Yoichi Illios -  STAGE AREA 1

The show will be at When you arrive look for the dispenser with the details of the dances and/or sequences plus the comments by each couple.

Riddle will be the Master of Ceremonies and run the stream and each couple will present whatever they want during their ten minutes. We hope to video each performance and put the details on the blog sometime after the show.

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