Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Burlesque Bootcamp

Burlesque Bootcamp 120229

Vivienne Dufaux sent us this invitation ...


The Naughty Box  Burlesque Theatre with the Dufaux School of Burlesquery (and other party tricks) presents  BURLESQUE BOOTCAMP, March 7 & 14, 6-9pm, and March 12 & 14, 12-3pm

Due to RL circumstances, this may be the last class till later in the year!  Don't miss out!
Burlesque Bootcamp is a two-day workshop for the blossoming bombshell, the aspiring starlet or the downright diva, taught by real life burlesquer Vivienne Dufaux.   I hope burlesque will inspire you, give you a confidence regardless of your age, body shape and size, add some spark to your love life and help you find your inner diva!  You will:

-- Learn burlesque's unique history in a multimedia presentation (everything SL has taught you is probably untrue!)

--  See firsthand that burlesque is for EVERY woman regardless of size and shape

-- Develop a character

-- Create your act with costumes, props and music

--  Graduate with a performance on the Naughty Box stage

Door prizes from  amazing burlesque outfitters to be announced!!
Gifts for  everyone who graduates!

***Class size is very limited! 
***Class cost is $300 for both days ($200 for one day)
***Access to SL voice and/or Skype required to hear the class, your voice participation is optional, but encouraged.  Your questions and participation are very welcome!
***Ability to view video media helpful
***RSVP required, as access to the public will be blocked.

Please request invite by notecard, payment required by  Tuesday, March 6 at midnight.

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