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DANCE QUEENS Blog Analysis

DANCE QUEENS Blog Analysis 120124

Now that almost all the DANCE QUEENS information is on this blog, I thought you might be interested in how the blog is being used. As the owner of the blog I get access to Google Analytics, which is a tool for analyzing websites. Do not worry, I cannot see individual people on the blog and cannot identify what you are looking at individually. The data is summary data only, but it is kind of interesting.

Let me share with you last week's data (15 - 21 January 2012), which is fairly typical week of blog activity. Here is some summary data:

474 Visits
275 Unique Visitors
1,190 Page views
2.51 Pages/Visit
00:03:36 Avg. Time on Site
This means that 275 different people visited the blog during the week. In total the 275 people came 474 times. That means that some people are returning during the week. The 275 people looked at 1190 pages during the week. WOW, I like that. This all means that many people in the SL dance community are using the blog and view it as a source of information on a continuing basis.
There are about 335 members in DANCE QUEENS now and about 75 have not logged on in some time. Although non-SL and non-DANCE QUEENS people find the blog, most of the traffic seems to be people in DANCE QUEENS. This makes me feel good that it is useful for you.
Another statistic that I can get is where the visitors are located. Here is last week's locations listed in order. The name of the country, the number of visits, the pages per visit and the time on the site.
United States2303.090:04:30
United Kingdom371.760:01:37
(not set)110:00:00
Although some of the data looks strange (like 0 time on the blog), it does tell a lot. About half of the 474 visits come from the USA. Another 25% come from Japan. English-speaking countries are the next three largest. I am surprised by the geographical diversity of the people who look at the blog. My own visits are not counted since I can turn off the counter for myself. I visit the blog a lot in creating the content.
People find the blog in one of three ways:
1. Directly entering a URL in their browser - For example, if you have DANCE QUEENS set as a favorite, this is a direct entry.
2. Search - If you use a search engine like Google or Bing and find DANCE QUEENS in this way, this is a search entry
3. Referral - If there is a link on another site that takes you to DANCE QUEENS, this is a referral.

Of the 474 visits, 181 were by direct entry (38%). Thank you for putting DANCE QUEENS in your favorites. Search gave 65 entries (14%). Last week's search terms from Google were:

(not provided) 17
henamtions dance hud 6
dance queens 4
+myanimation second life 3
dance queens website second life 3
how to change the intan default waiting dance 2
http://sldancequeens.blogspot.com/ 2
http://www.flickr.com/photos/dieselworks/6667353795/ 2
"my slow dance 03" "second life" 1
a pink group variety show 1

Referrals gave 221 visits (47%). Here are the referring sites:

blogger.com 78
juicybomb.com 55
mahal.slmame.com 42
sluniverse.com 26
36ohk6dgmcd1n-c.c.yom.mail.yahoo.net 3
google.com 3
virtualburlesque.com 3
world.secondlife.com 2
www.rock.to/VeryProfitForex 2
youtube.com 2

Juicybomb.com is an SL fashion website run  by someone I don't know. I am guessing that we were mentioned on that site. Mahal.slmame.com is a Japanese language SL dance site run by my friend and DANCE QUEENS member Psyche Lunasea. SLuniverse is a community site for SL and must have mentioned DANCE QUEENS. Virtualburlesque is the site run by my friends and DANCE QUEENS members Slappy Doobie and Ellie Criss.

In March I will again survey DANCE QUEENS members about dancing including this blog. At that time I will have more information to share with you.


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