Monday, February 19, 2018

The Outsiders

Wednesday March 6 2018 - 6PM
The Outsiders
(This event was rescheduled, please note the new date and time)

The Outsiders---
Fortunate Sons presents :: The Outsiders -- USO Show for Homeless Veterans Awareness
Remembering and Tributing all Military Vets of the Free World.
Patriotism -- Praise of Country -- Love for our Veterans
Casual dress

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Don't make me call The Dance Police... Take 22

I take a lot of photos of dance performances.
Maybe too many.

Sometimes, I smile.
Sometimes, I wince.
And then there’s the times... well... you know...

I like to call this portion of our trip:
Don’t Make Me Call The Dance Police.

Club Image - February 18 2018
Like this. See?

Winds of the Sahara - February 18 2018
I'm your biggest fan!
Did you get all the chickens I sacrificed to you?
Can you sign my autograph book for me?

Winds of the Sahara - February 18 2018
I guess some people are sick of my photographs.

Winds of the Sahara - February 18 2018
Poledancing should be an Olympic event, but based on the strip club around the corner, 15 year-old Russians will still win all the Gold medals.

Winds of the Sahara - February 18 2018
... ... ... um, nevermind.

Winds of the Sahara - February 18 2018
The Winds of the Sahara are real. They're blowing Eva's hair.

Amazon Dancers- February 18 2018
... ... ... no, seriously. What is going on here? Why is there a French horn?

Debauche - February 18 2018
Some venues forget the catering, so the dancers have to eat their hair accessories.

Debauche - February 18 2018
The tickets are for the subway, right?

Debauche - February 18 2018
Who called in an air strike?

Debauche - February 18 2018
This is a preview of Windows 11.

Debauche - February 18 2018
Better to light a candle than to cur.... um... is it hot in here or is it just her?

Debauche - February 18 2018
Is this necklace available on Marketplace?

Debauche - February 18 2018
Deleted scene from Goonies. It's how they kept the PG rating.

Muse Theatre - Fiddler on the Roof - February 18 2018
Sure, The Fiddler on the Roof has a rough job, but the Fiddler in the Cesspool Tank and the Fiddler in the Middle Of The Busy Freeway are just waiting for that job to open up.

Muse Theatre - Fiddler on the Roof - February 18 2018
The sequel, Goat on the Roof, only made it to off-Broadway. Closed opening night.

Club Image - February 18 2018

Club Image - February 18 2018
Bambi II, The Ambush

Club Image - February 18 2018
That would take a while to explain, sorry.

Desire Arts - February 17 2018
Um, okay. You have an axe. No jokes about you. It's a very nice axe.

Desire Arts - February 17 2018
Never use a Mac to run your backdrop screen.

Centre Stage - February 17 2018
Looks like my last AirBnB

Centre Stage - February 17 2018
Well, damn it. I should have done a whole Olympic event post. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Dance Queens Showcase - February 17 2018
One star on Uber, unless I can cook and eat his legs, then... maybe two stars.

Dance Queens Showcase - February 17 2018
Have you seen my jaw? I dropped it somewhere.

Dance Queens Showcase - February 17 2018
Blair Witch 3

Dance Queens Showcase - February 17 2018
Once again, jaw drop. I'll pat myself on the back, thank you.

Dance Queens Showcase - February 17 2018
Tron 3

Dance Queens Showcase - February 17 2018
I caught Lina doing a backflip, but the line of women with Laura in it? Nope. But in my defense, five women, so quintuple backflip, right?

Dance Queens Showcase - February 17 2018
This is why you have to use odor-free particles, or you end up wearing a gas mask in your act.

Dance Queens Showcase - February 17 2018
Electric Smurf ghosts?

Dance Queens Showcase - February 17 2018
Can you hug my window and dust my blinds, please?

ReON - February 17 2018
Dear Katy Perry, we found your Left Shark.

Elysium Cabaret - February 16 2018
Do you hear a train?

Elysium Cabaret - February 16 2018
Note to Eva: Hire backup dancers, not elephants.

ReON - February 15 2018
Scientists say that a goldfish has a memory span of five seconds. With this photo, that memory will last forever.

One Billion Rising - February 14 2018
I'm there for irony's sake.

Nouveau Ensemble - One Billion Rising - February 14 2018
It's kind of vicious to stamp the set with the number of fired backup dancers.

Oh. My. God. How many damn shows did I go to this week? I thought this would NEVER end!

Thank you, and stay tuned next Sunday for the next thrilling episode.
"Hey. It's Cave. Someone's not daaaancing. Come on. You know the law - testing IS NOT a dance exemption. Don't make me call the dance police"
- Cave Johnson, Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative Expansion Pack.

The Premiere of Cabaret Provocateur!

The Cabaret Provocateur will present it's premiere program "Fab 4 You" on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the CMNF Lounge on the Kohana Sim.

Fab 4 You is a program in 6 acts feature music performed by Elton John, Robin Williams and Bobby McFerrin, Lisa Lauren, Eddie Izzard, Goldie Hawn, and Phil Collins all originally written and performed by the Fab Four, (The Beatles).  The dances will take you on a journey from Manhattan rooftops through Arabian Nights, to  Broadway, backstage and in front.

The cast consists of 6 dancers, all of whom are relative newcomers to SL Dance, but are enthusiastic performers.

  • Choreographer Kerri Sanchez has been performing and creating her own dance routines in Second Life for about 4 years. This is the first complete show Kerri has written and produced on her own.
  • Dancer Brooke has been creating her own performances for about 2 years, along with owning and hosting events at the CMNF Lounge.
  • Anneke Sanchez has been a builder in SL all her life and a dancer for the past 3 years. She's also had experience choreographing her own dances.
  • Sami Jo Chauveau has danced and hosted events at various outlets all over the grid, most prominently at the House of the Rising Sun Blues Club.
  • Gloria G is the member of the group newest to SL dance. 
  • Chagen Sanchez is a performer with the Lightning Productions Tribute Band, His 3 years of experience in those shows has lead directly to his being dragged into dance with his wives' dance group.
  • Our MC and DJ will be Sara Cao Rang who musical interests are both wide and deep and has been sharing them via deejay shows for nearly 10 years.

The CMNF Lounge is an Adults only venue, and Fab 4 You does feature female nudity. However, all audience members are encouraged to keep their clothes on for the comfort of all in attendance.

Come join us!

Casting Call for Scandalesque

An open casting call on behalf of Spice Hancroft:

Please join me in opening a new Burlesque/Cabaret Club, Scandalesque. 
I currently am looking to hire a sexy-voiced DJ/Host with own stream, a PR person, and at least 2 sexy dancers that don't mind partial nudity.   
Scandalesque is a tiny club that, to start with, will be open once a month, and also to start tips only.
The music is 20's to 50's Ratpack style, so you should enjoy that music era. If you are a Dj /Host you should be funny, classy and sensual. You will double as host. 
The  PR person will be responsible for sending notices, writing blurbs for Dance Queens, and any special shows that the club produces. 
Dancers perform in a group or solo, create their own dances that are burlesque theme and cabaret style, and perform as a group for opening and closing shows. Set building is not necessary, as the club is too small to use large sets, there is a backdrop, that can be changed through edit. No total nudity, but serious teasing. Male dancers are encouraged to apply.

Please contact Spice Hancroft if interested.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Club IMAGE This Sunday!

IMAGE open this Sunday 
February 18th 

...... ♥ * Line up for this Sunday*♥....... 
■ Program
1. Diawa Bellic "Catch My Breath"
2. Setsuna Hirano "ARIA"
3. Xia Xute"Snowday Nightstar"
4. misse Tigerpaw "The Little Red Riding Hood"
5. Yougao Destny "Dancing KU-NO-ICHI" 
6. Team Dance "Wild Side" Diawa Bellic
DJ: Setsuna Hirano